Key Position Recruitment

Hire qualified talent for critical job openings quickly and easily.

Strategic recruitment for all positions – from leadership to front-line employees

The Hueman Key Position Recruitment program is designed to recruit and hire top talent for portfolio companies.

Our business model is unique to private equity firms, which means it is more cost-effective than traditional direct hire or staffing companies and is scalable to fit an entire private equity portfolio. Instead of paying a traditional staffing firm upwards of 25% in success fees, you’ll only be responsible for 10% or less when you partner with Hueman Private Equity.

Through this program, portfolio companies will have direct access to a team of experienced recruiters. These recruiters do more than review the resumes of applicants. They source talent in a variety of ways. Of all candidates placed by Hueman, 64% are passive candidates that likely would not engage otherwise.

Hueman recruiters have years of experience across various industries and company types. No matter your need, we fill positions quickly and easily, all while ensuring hires fit your unique company values.

Benefits of recruiting through Hueman

Efficient processes for fast time-to-fill

Quality, culture-fit candidates

Cost Savings

Dedicated, value-focused recruiter

Cost-effective key position recruitment solutions built for private equity firms

A cohesive, high-functioning team is one of the most significant factors determining if a company can grow rapidly and realize value. Through on-demand key position recruitment team, you can quickly hire crucial talent across your firm’s portfolio without the costs or administrative burden of working with a traditional staffing organization.

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