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Learn how we hired 50+ employees for a rapidly growing, PE-backed company in the business services space in under 2 years.


Key Metrics


Total hires in 24 months


in total cost savings


Days for average time-to-fill


The Challenge

Our partner, a highly acquisitive organization, has the need to bring on new talent with each acquisition. Their internal team is already taxed with steady-state hiring and does not feel confident in their ability to hire at the speed necessary to support their acquisitions.

Our Solution

Hueman became the primary talent recruitment partner to support our partner’s fluctuating hiring needs for senior-level professionals. We introduced an innovative pricing model that provided substantial cost savings versus working with a traditional recruiting partner.


Since the inception of our partnership two years ago, our client has realized significant cost savings. Through a traditional recruitment firm, our partner would have paid more than $750K, and with Hueman they paid under $200K.

Hueman made 52 hires over a two-year period with 18 hires in 2021 and 34 hires in 2022. Our average time to fill these senior professional roles was 39 days.

Below are just some of the positions filled for our partner:

  • Vice President of Sales
  • Accounting Directors
  • Accounting Managers
  • HR Directors
  • Managers and more

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