Partner success story

Leading provider of Caddie services

With our Recruitment Marketing program, a leading provider of caddie services saw savings of $130k after Hueman helped reduce ad spend by 68% and cost per apply from $15.60 to $3.20.

Leading provider of Caddie services

Key Metrics


Increased candidate applies by 59%


Reduced ad spend by 68%, a savings of $130K


Reduced cost per apply by 80%

Golf Caddie

The Challenge

Our partner, a leading provider of caddie services, needed help with increasing their applicant volume, while simultaneously decreasing the dollars they were spending on recruitment marketing.

Our Solution

At the start of our partnership, our team quickly identified key areas where we could make the most impact. We launched a custom recruitment marketing program that included: technical buildout of a careers webpage and talent acquisition tech stack, optimized content and SEO-friendly job descriptions, advertising campaign build-out, and budget recommendations along with ongoing support of all channel management and promotions.


Through leveraging an SEO-focused model to ensure our partner’s jobs were exposed to a wide audience, we were able to significantly increase their job applies, while decreasing their spend on advertising.

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