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Leading Foodservice Equipment Distributor And Consultant

Learn how we generated 600 candidate applies to 22 jobs in 30 days with digital recruitment marketing for a leading foodservice equipment distributor and consultant.

Leading Foodservice Equipment Distributor And Consultant

Key Metrics


candidate applies to 22 jobs in 30 days


40 quality applicants to every 1 job posting


cohesive end-to-end digital footprint

digital recruitment for food equipment consultant

The Challenge

Our partner struggled to fill open roles, including key, business-driving sales positions, without an internal recruitment team, no ATS, and no consistent talent acquisition or digital recruitment strategy/processes.

The individual hiring managers were required to determine their own recruiting efforts, resulting in poor candidate apply processes, a lack luster talent pool, a cumbersome process for the individual hiring managers, and limited oversight for the business.

Our Solution

To start, our team evaluated our partner’s current digital recruitment methods and overall online branding to clarify one consistent Employer Value Proposition (EVP). Following our assessment, we found seven brands with multiple sites, five different apply processes and no job promotion strategy.

From there, we implemented an end-to-end digital recruitment marketing solution and talent acquisition process supported by robust technology to greatly enhance the candidate and hiring manager experience.


  • Single career site for all businesses under the parent company portfolio
  • Mobile-centric applicant tracking system (ATS) for a consistent and centralized candidate database and enhanced candidate experience
  • Single job distribution feed to proliferate jobs across thousands of websites
  • Employer brand development workshop (EVP) for cohesive and effective messaging across all business units including variations for candidate personas for top hiring needs
  • Digital footprint enhancement including Google maps listings, social media, job boards, and review websites

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