Partner success story

Middle-market private equity firm

Working with Hueman resulted in $1.2M in cost savings compared to contingent fees at 25% for a middle-market private equity firm with approximately 25 portfolio companies.

Middle-market private equity firm

Key Metrics


Hires across 18 portfolio companies


Savings compared to contigent firms at 25%


Days for average time-to-fill


The Challenge

Our partner’s portfolio companies did not have sophisticated talent acquisition processes in place and were, therefore, spending extensive dollars on contingent firms or attempting to recruit talent themselves with mixed outcomes. Another primary challenge for our partner was the avoidance of replacing C-players within their companies, ultimately, impacting productivity and overall ROI.

Our Solution

Hueman became the primary talent acquisition partner for all of our partner’s portfolio company hiring needs below the C-suite. We introduced an innovative pricing model, to reduce agency spend and upgrade talent.


In just a one-year period, Hueman has successfully worked with 18 of our partner’s portfolio companies to hire 110+ individuals. In addition to upgrading current talent in a number of the companies, we also provided significant cost savings with our innovative pricing model. In total, we were able to save our partner over $1 million, as compared to working with contingent firms.

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