Evolving Role of CHRO: A Roundtable Infographic

A Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) needs agility, adaptability, and a little thing called grit in times of change. In a recent roundtable hosted by Hueman, featuring a panel of talent acquisition experts, the we answer the following question: “What could the new normal mean for the workforce?”  

The followup to this question: “How do we thrive in times of uncertainty?”  

One answer: create resistance to manage through instability. 

The discussion highlighted evergreen priorities that remain on the table but now carry a heavier weight. How do we protect workers’ health and continue to find creative ways to engage and retain them? 

In the infographic, we look at the evolving role of a CHRO and highlight some key areas of focus, like strategic initiatives in workforce development and cultivating a culture of inclusivity.