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Elevate your portfolio company growth strategy

Through our years working in the private equity space, we realized most traditional recruiting solutions do not understand the unique challenges these organizations face.

The private equity industry places high demands on firm and portfolio company leadership. The focus on rapid, scalable growth requires strategic investments in programs proven to bring value to the company.

Our total talent solution consists of four specific programs – each of which resolves a unique recruitment challenge – and our configurable model fits into your existing structure and portfolio company support strategy.

When you partner with Hueman, your portfolio companies will have access to strategic talent acquisition leaders, experienced recruiters, marketers, and consultants.

Key Position Recruitment

Quickly and easily hire qualified talent into critical roles at all organizational levels in this cost-effective model. Our experienced recruiters find and engage top talent for key positions, decreasing the losses that come with unfilled jobs. 

Executive Search Management

Working with an Executive Search firm can be time-consuming, frustrating, ineffective, and expensive. We streamline the executive search process and decrease wasted time to help hire qualified leaders quickly and efficiently.

Employer & Recruitment Marketing

Building a scalable recruitment program – and a high-growth Hueman’s Employer & Recruitment marketing agency positions portfolio companies for scalability by building out a modern recruitment marketing ecosystem. From career sites to job advertisements to employee value proposition and more, we can provide holistic or ad hoc solutions. 

Talent Acquisition Consulting

Organizations without strategic talent acquisition processes struggle to scale. We partner with private equity firms and portfolio companies to audit and develop best-in-class operations, systems, and training. No matter the need, we are here to help.

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