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Resources for private equity firms & their portfolio companies

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Leading Foodservice Equipment Distributor And Consultant

End-to-end digital recruitment

Learn how we generated 600 candidate applies to 22 jobs in 30 days with recruitment marketing for a leading foodservice equipment distributor and consultant.

Large, niche HVAC manufacturing service organization

Key position recruitment

Hiring managers at a large, niche HVAC manufacturing service organization were able to verify quality of candidates faster, resulting in a 16-day reduction in time-to-fill.

Leading provider of Caddie services

Employer & Recruitment marketing

A leading provider of caddie services saw savings of $130k after Hueman helped reduce ad spend by 68% and cost per apply from $15.60 to $3.20.

Middle-market private equity firm

Talent acquisition program

Working with Hueman resulted in $1.2M in cost savings compared to contingent fees at 25% for a middle-market private equity firm with approximately 25 portfolio companies.

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9 Ways To Leverage Social Media in Portfolio Company Recruiting

As millennials move into leadership roles and Gen Z takes up more of the workforce, social media has become an increasingly valuable tool for recruiters. Incorporating social media …


Top 4 Reasons Why Portfolio Company Employees Quit

The Great Resignation continues to impact portfolio companies throughout the country. So far, in 2022, four million people have left their jobs each month without any sign of slowing …

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