Additional Recruitment Services

Optimize the talent acquisition process and grow your portfolio companies faster.

Additional Recruitment Services

Hire Top talent with qualified talent more efficiently

We maximize the experience and value of working with executive search firms through our variety of recruitment services, from bulk recruitment to executive search management. From start to finish, we ensure the talent acquisition process is effective, consistent, and meets our highest quality standards.

Elevate Your talent acquisition efforts

Decrease admin burdens

Improve fit & success of executive search firm

Cost Savings

Increase interviewing & hiring efficiencies

Take advantage of our Additional Recruitment Services

Hourly / Front Line Recruitment

We have a team of recruiters dedicated to recruiting for the increasingly challenging hourly roles. Positions can include: Production Associate, Construction Worker, General Laborer, Assembly Associate.

Executive Search Management

Through this program, we guide companies when partnering with Executive Search firms on C-suite roles. We assist in identifying and vetting potential search firms, while ensuring best practices are deployed.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing allows companies to focus on their core purpose while we focus on ours; recruiting top talent for our partners. Through these strategic relationships, firms outsource recruitment to Hueman where we leverage the latest technology and resources.

Hard-to-Fill Searches

When filling the most difficult roles; from technical professionals to strategic leaders with specific skills, a different recruitment process is needed. We have a team of recruiters who love the hunt and can find top talent for the most difficult roles.

Bulk / Volume Recruitment

We leverage the latest AI technology, combined with traditional recruitment tactics to help our partners when they need to hire numerous candidates.

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